Ontario Town Square Mural
Located at 214 N. Euclid Ave., Ontario, CA, this pop art inspired mural was designed and rendered digitally. The final artwork was printed on high quality weather-resistant tiles.
In 2014, I jumped at the opportunity to design a mural for my hometown, where I spent 20+ years as a resident of the city of Ontario. For my approach to this project, I thought of the most important qualities the city of Ontario offers: life, community, and opportunity. The images I selected represent the diverse history of the city.
The Chaffey brothers founded the community as an agricultural center in the late 1800s. The orange slices represent the early economy of mostly citrus. I chose to display a sign of Route 83, better know as Euclid Avenue, where the historic district and most official town operations take place. The Jack Mercer Community bandstand serves as a central gathering for residents, especially during the leisure months of summer. In the middle of the design lies Ontario’s official flower, the Charlotte Armstrong Rose, full of life and as vibrant as the city itself.

The images on the right of the rose represent the direction the city of Ontario is taking, developing as a new center for travel, business and entertainment opportunities. The rays of sun on the top right help reinforce the positive outlook of the city.
To learn more about the design process for the mural, visit my blog.
Copyright 2019 by Andrea B. Cypert.